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New Project Briefing Form
Part 1: Explain What You Want
A brief of your projectYou come up with your requirement and explain briefly about the website you wish to create. The more the better.
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Some reference links of websites that you like so that we understand your main style and direction you are looking forRemember to be selective. Sending us loads of widely varying examples will only confuse you and us
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Wireframes in a rough sketch (Optional)Draw what you need in your website and where it is supposed to be from your initial thoughts (Idea)
Part 2: Data or Content
All the data that needs to go on the website. Including text, graphics, logo, stock imagery, source files (zip file of .PSD or .PNG files), etcIf any of the data is not submitted, dummy images/text will be used. If you have no logo, a simple text logo will be created for you
We will need details about your business, any websites that you have liked in the recent pastRemember to be selective. Sending us loads of widely varying examples will only confuse you and us
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General Company InformationIncluding name, email, product / services & target audience, Logo, Text (Content), Images and Video you would like to include on Website
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Brand elementsProvide them below
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Your social pages linksProvide them below
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What needs to be included and what needs not to be includedProvide them below
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Part 3: Themes & Styling (Optional)
We suggest some themes: we have mix of Free and Premium themes that you can choose from. (Premium themes are completely legal and authorised to be used for our clients)Choose one of Theme Forest (or any other place) http://themeforest.net/category/wordpress
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Do you want one page or multiple pages website?pick one!
Preferred pages, headings and contact detailsProvide preferred pages, headings and contact details
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Preferred fonts and colours schemes in a rough sketchProvide preferred fonts and colours below
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Part 4: Addons/Office Stationery (Optional)
Do you want any of the foolowing addons / office stationery below designed for you?Select them
NB: Please Consider Carefully
  • Kindly provide the necessary details as much as possible to help speeding up the development process. Anything not specifically mention in the initial brief will not be considered as part of the project scope
  • Here's how it works: Before we get started, we need to understand who you are and what it is you are trying to do. After we learn everything we need, we will send over a formal proposal covering how much the site is going to cost, how long it's going to take and what we believe the best approach is
  • You will receive as many pages as needed and previously agreed upon. All our interactions would be based on a contract
  • If there would be too much requirements your business needs, there might be changes in price
  • Provide website URL, FTP / cPanel Details for access if website already exists else we could provide them

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